• The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 (the sixty-second edition) took place in Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Portugal won - by a large margin - with Amar pelos dois, sung by Salvador Sobral. Both the professional jury and the televoters awarded the song the top spot.
  • Remarkable fact: all of the countries in the final top three (Portugal, Bulgaria and Moldova) had never won the contest before or reached such a high place.
  • With respect to 2016, we saw the withdrawal of Bosnia and Herzegovina (financial problems), but a return for Romania and Portugal.
  • Russia was scheduled to participate and had even selected a performer (Julia Samoylova with Flame is burning), but due to a 2015 performance in a city in Crimea, which had been annexed by Russia, she had been placed on the Ukranian intelligence service's blacklist, which resulted in her being denied access to the Ukraine. After many diplomatic meetings without result, Russia withdrew its entry on April 13.
  • There was an incident: when Jamala, the winner of 2016, performed during the voting interval, a man climbed up on the stage and lowered his pants. He was wrestled to the ground and removed almost immediately. The man wore an Australian flag, but turned out to be a well-known Ukranian streaker, who had previously disturbed other big events.
  • San Marino was the very unfortunate loser. The country came last in the second semi-final with only 1 point: a new record for lowest score.