For the seventh year we hand out the Eurostory Best Lyrics Award – the award for the best song lyrics of the Eurovision year. Previous awards were won by Ukraine (2016), France (20172018) and Italy (201920212022). This year four entries are nominated. They are revealed one by one, and Saskia Halfmouw gives us a unique visual interpretation of each song.

The third nominee for the Eurostory Best Lyrics Award 2023 is: Armenia.

Country: Armenia
Title: Future lover
Artist(s): Brunette
Lyricist(s): Brunette

Jury report
It’s always nice when artists open the lyrics of their song by speaking to you, as if you’ve just met them in a casual, everyday situation. That is what Brunette, the Armenian singer does. As if we’ve just asked her about her plans in life, she tells us: ‘I want to make art, read books and find someone who will kiss my face.’ And with that future love interest she wants to ‘visit old book shops’ and ‘drink smoothies in a small café’. After this information, she addresses that person by saying: ‘I hope our love is quiet outside, but loud inside.’ How does she plan on finding this love? ‘I decide to be good, do good, look good.’ And then there’s the third verse, in which Brunette tells us that it’s all just a ‘poetic dream’. That her reality is much more grim: ‘Three minutes of making impossible plans and seven minutes of unnecessary panic attacks.’ Those plot twists turn Future lover into an exciting song with strong, substantial lines.

Excerpt of the Future lover lyrics

I just wanna make art,
Read books and just find someone,
Who likes me enough to kiss my face,
I wanna explore with him and visit old bookstores,
And cute little things, like drink smoothies at near cafes.
Oh – oh – oh,
Drink smoothies at near cafes,
Oh – oh – oh.

Oh future lover, I hope it all comes naturally,
I hope our love is quiet outside, but loud inside oh baby,
Oh future lover, this song I wrote for you,
This song I wrote for you my future lover.

I decide to be good, do good, look good,
I decide to be good, do good, look good,

The complete lyrics for this song can be found here.

How do we determine the winner?
As in previous years the winner of the Eurostory Best Lyrics Award will be determined by an international expert jury of published book writers, journalists, editors, songwriters, translators and former Eurovision participants from different countries, as well as by public vote at The winner will be announced during the Eurovision week in May. Keep track of our website for the latest news!