• The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 was its sixtieth edition, which took place in Vienna. Since Conchita Wurst had won the previous year, and equality and diversity were important themes for her, these also became the Contest's themes for 2015. This resulted in the slogan 'Building Bridges'.
  • Because of the festival's anniversary, the EBU announced a one-off participation by Australia. The country is an EBU (European Broadcasting Union) member that has been broadcasting the festival for several years, and that has a large fan-base (also because of its close ties to Europe, a result of migration). From 2015 on, the country became a regular participant, with the only restriction that, in case of an Australian win, the festival would still be held in a European country in the following year.
  • Remarkable was the participation of German Ann Sophie, who had only become the runner up in the German qualifying rounds. Since the winner had, however, withdrawn his entry straightaway on live television, she was able to do the honours.
  • Only to end up in the very last place, with zero points - a place Germany had to share with Austria. It was the very first time that an organising country ranked so low on the score boards.
  • Finnish representatives, the punk rock band Prtti Kurikan Nimipäivät, had members with developmental disabilities, who wanted to raise awareness for people with Down's Syndrome. It was the first time for both mentally disabled performers to compete in the festival.
  • At the end of his song Israeli contestant Nadav Guedj included a playful reference to the Eurovision rule that states that a song is not allowed to last longer than three minutes. The final words to his lyrics are: 'Okay. We gotta go. Three minutes... Bye, bye!'