The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will be held on May 7, 9, and 11 in Malmö, Sweden. Sweden won for the seventh time the previous year with Tattoo by Loreen, who also won in 2012 with Euphoria.

  • This will be the third time the contest takes place in Malmö, following 1992 and 2013 (also after Loreen's victory). Malmö Arena will once again be the venue for Eurovision, just like in the last edition.
  • The European Broadcasting Union stated that no new theme shall be chosen, but as of this edition of the festival, last year's slogan, United by music, is the permanent one.
  • There will be 37 participants, just as in 2023. There's a difference though: Romania skips its particpation, but Luxembourg has announced its return after thirty years.