The past five years Eurostory has been writing about THE STORIES that hide behind THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST. This April we present the most precious ones, during



book presentation – theatre evening – concert

April 10, 8 pm, De Doelen, Rotterdam

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A unique night full of storytelling and singing, with the presentation of three new Eurovision related Dutch books (which ones? check below) and the cooperation of various artists (who? check below!). Get your tickets here.



Madame Monsieur (France 2018)
This duo sang a Eurovision song that was based on the true story of baby Mercy, born in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, on a rescue vessel. Now their song lyrics became a beautiful picture book – to be presented at the evening. Madame Monsieur will talk about the book they made with Dutch illustrator Saskia Halfmouw and they will be performing their song.


Fazla (Bosnia and Herzegovina 1993)
He literally had to run for his life to be able to participate at Eurovision. He’ll share his story and sing Sva bol svijeta.


Heddy Lester (Netherlands 1977)
will tell us why she refused to sing her song for decades after the contest (but not any longer – she’ll perform for us!).


Getty Kaspers (Teach In, Netherlands 1975)
will talk about a lifetime of being a Eurovision winner.


Walter Verdin (Pas de deux, Belgium 1983)
sang what many people still rate as the strangest Belgian Eurovision song ever. He’ll tell us about his memories.


For the third time in a row he made a song for Eurostory in which he uses all the titles of this year’s Eurovision songs. He’ll perform the 2020-version for the first time.




Het Eurovisie Songfestival (Edward van de Vendel, Dave Boomkens, Jelmer Soes, Querido)

This book in Dutch offers all Eurovision editions, all songs and all stories in a complete encyclopedia. In full colour and with unique photos.
24,99 – but at our evening only 19,99!

Mercy (Madame Monsieur, Saskia Halfmouw, De Eenhoorn)

Beautiful picture book in Dutch with the lyrics of the French Eurovision song of 2018, about the true story of baby Mercy, who was born on a rescue vessel in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. With an extra story by singer Émilie about what happened after.
(French edition will be available in the first week of May)


Our Comic Artist Laureate Margreet de Heer made and collected comics about Eurovision. In Dutch.

All books will be sold before, during and after the show.

More info:
Hosts: Iduna Paalman and Edward van de Vendel
Production: Marieke Verhoeven
Language: Dutch/English
Location: De Doelen, Willem Burgerzaal, entrance Kruisplein 40. Rotterdam.
Start: 20:00
Venue opens: 19:30
End: ca. 22.15 (with intermission)

16,50 – buy them here.

Design banner: Jeffrey Dral