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Zeno Kapitein Webmaster / Videographer

About the Eurovision Song Contest:

Without Eurostory my connection to Eurovision would have been nearly non-existent – not much more than the typical Twitter comments on a Saturday night. Until I was approached by a bunch of strangers and asked to build a website about the Song Contest. As compensation I was invited to join the team in Stockholm and experience the madness myself.

Ever since then I've secretly fallen in love a bit after all. With the spectacle, sure, but above all with everything surrounding it: exploring a beautiful city, meeting new people from all over the world, and building something great with amazing people.

Favourite Eurovision songs:

in Kyiv 2017

JOWSTGrab the moment
(Joakim With Steen/Jonas McDonnell)

in Vienna 2015

Loïc NottetRhythm inside
(Loïc Nottet/Beverly Jo Scott)

in Turin 2022

Mahmood & BLANCOBrividi

Czech Republic
in Lisbon 2018

Mikolas JosefLie to me
(Mikolas Josef)

in Turin 2022

S10De diepte
(Arno Krabman/Stien den Hollander)