If it were possible to have any doubt about the musical capabilities of Waylon, then he took those away completely last Monday, during a small, intimate concert in a bar underneath a bridge.

Waylon enters the stage, accompanied by two of his band members. ‘These songs are real, honest, and they’re mine.’ Then they start playing Shadows in the Dark.

Because of the heat Waylon’s guitar starts sounding off. During tuning Waylon mutters: ‘This might be the most interesting part of the evening’.

And then we’re off again! The next song is set in, and within no time we are carried away on a fine country beat.

Having played four songs, Waylon announces the firecracker. The big whale. The reason we are all gathered in front of this stage. ‘This is the one!’ he shouts, and then Outlaw in ‘Em starts.

Our entry to the Song Contest ends and a shift happens in the room: cameras go down, people huddle over to the bar. The big moment is officially on tape, so it’s time for drinks. Waylon doesn’t have much care for this and instead gives us a few – more personal – songs. Starting with Paperboy.

Waylon closes off his concert with Thanks but not Thanks. Using seven songs of his newest album The world can wait he points out the solid foundation that should be underneath a week at the Song Contest: one of real music.