For the sixth year we hand out the Eurostory Best Lyrics Award – the award for the best song lyrics of the Eurovision year. Previous awards were won by Ukraine (2016), France (2017, 2018) and Italy (2019, 2021). This year six entries are nominated. They are revealed one by one, and Saskia Halfmouw gives us a unique visual interpretation of each song.

The first nominee for the Eurostory Best Lyrics Award 2022 is: Switzerland.

Country: Switzerland
Title: Boys do cry
Artist: Marius Bear
Lyricist(s): Marius Bear & Martin Gallop

Jury report
Slowly but carefully Marius Bear directs us into his song and his story. The lyrics start by giving us a setting: ‘In my room.’ He adds a character: ‘Lives a boy.’ And then provides more information about him: ‘Who could be blue.’ Those are key words, the ‘could be’, and they point out that we shouldn’t jump to rusty old conclusions. Not all boys put a brave face on or ‘man up’ – boys cry, too.
What’s so wonderful is that this statement is accompanied by a taking down of other certainties: mountains can crumble, planes can fall out of the sky. And there’s extra points for using the beautiful word ‘cavalier’.

Fragment from Boys do cry:

‘In my room,
lives a boy who could be blue,
And you might never know, oh, oh
You think he‘s cavalier,
he would shed more than a crocodile tear,
If you‘d go, oh

Hearts they get broken,
God only knows why,
And sometimes aeroplanes,
fall down from the sky,
And mountains they crumble,
and rivers they run dry,
And oh, boys do cry.’

The complete lyrics for this song can be found here.

How is the winner determined?
Like in previous years the winner of the Eurostory Best Lyrics Award will be partially determined by online voters, and mainly determined by an international professional jury consisting of writers, poets, journalists, editors, songwriters, translators and former Eurovision participants. When all nominees are revealed the poll for online voting will open. The winner will be announced during Eurovision week in May. Keep following our website for the latest news!