Serbia and Montenegro as a confederation had a very short participation span in the Eurovision Song Contest. After the dismantlement of Yugoslavia, a lot of the former republics entered the festival independently from 1993 onwards, but Serbia and Montenegro were, because of the war on the Balkans, excluded till 2003. After this boycott was lifted, the confederation (which fell apart in 2006) participated in the contest twice.

Their first entry got them a beautiful second place, with the famous singer Željko Joksimović and the song Lane moje. The year after their second placement there was a lot of fuss concerning the Serbian and Montenegrin pre-selection: the jurors from Montenegro did not give a single point to the songs from Serbia, while this did happen the other way around. Still the boy band No Name went to the festival. When a year later exactly the same thing happened (again no points from Montenegro, and again a victory for No Name) the bickering became so uncontrollable that the entry was retracted.

(T: Inès Verstraete)


Entries 2
Average Performance 90.1%


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No NameZauvijek moja
(Slaven Knezović/Milan Perić)
Željko JoksimovićLane moje
(Željko Joksimović/Leontina Vukmanović)

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